ets—of shipwrecks and lost cities,

ets—of shipwrecks and lost cities, of mermaids and sunken kingdoms. Dog imagined himself as the last survivor of a grand adventure, a castaway with stories etched into his fur.

He turned to the stars, their distant light like messages from distant realms. “What constellations guide my path?” he mused. “And what wishes do they carry?”

The sky remained silent, but Dog felt a kinship with the celestial bodies. They, too, wandered through the night, seeking answers and purpose. Perhaps, he thought, the stars were fellow dreamers, their brilliance fueled by hopes and aspirations. Alone, with only himself and the rhythmic waves of the beach, Dog found solace in the quiet conversation between earth and sky—a language spoken in whispers of salt and stardust. just then mr tom arrived at the beach with William half his size