. “Enjoying the night sky?”

ut just as Dog lost himself in the starry tapestry, a new presence arrived—a figure emerging from the shadows. Mr. Tom, with William half his size, stepped onto the beach. Their silhouettes framed by moonlight, they seemed like characters from a different tale—one that intersected with Dog’s own.

“Hello there,” Mr. Tom called, his voice warm. “Enjoying the night sky?”

Dog wagged his tail, grateful for the company. “Indeed,” he replied. “The stars—they’re like old friends.”

William, wide-eyed and curious, tugged at Mr. Tom’s hand. “What’s that one?” he asked, pointing to a particularly bright star.

“That,” Mr. Tom said, “is Sirius—the Dog Star. It’s said to bring wisdom and guidance.”

Dog’s ears perked up. Wisdom and guidance—the very things he sought. Perhaps, in this chance encounter, he’d find answers beyond the constable at the beach police station