Capsule discovered in Mesa, Arizona

Residents of Mesa, Arizona, were in for a surprise when a time capsule from 1883 was discovered during a routine road construction project. The capsule, a metal box roughly the size of a shoebox, was buried beneath the city’s main street.

Inside the time capsule, there were several items that offered a glimpse into the past. These included a newspaper from the day the capsule was buried, a hand-written letter, a pair of spectacles, and a silver dollar from 1883.

The letter, written by a man named John A. Miller, detailed life in Mesa in the 1880s. Miller wrote about his daily routine, the challenges of farming in the Arizona heat, and his hopes for the future. He hoped that whoever found his letter would know that he lived a life full of joy and purpose.

The discovery of the time capsule has sparked a wave of interest in local history. The Mesa Historical Museum plans to display the contents of the time capsule, giving residents a chance to connect with their city’s past.

As for the road construction project, it has been temporarily halted due to the find. However, city officials assure residents that it will resume shortly, and the discovery of the time capsule will not significantly delay the project.