Are Wolfgang Schaeffer and Bella Blanding DATING?

Rumors have sparked and people are wondering if Wolfgang Schaeffer (Lincoln Loud) and Bella Blanding (Charlie Uggo) are dating? Many would say it’s true considering their onscreen chemistry being so real!

Bella Blanding plays “Charlie Uggo” in “The Really Loud House” and plays “Melody” in 911 Lone Star along with Rob Lowe. She started her career at a young age all while dancing and hanging out with her friends. Wolfgang Schaeffer plays “Lincoln Loud” on the live action T.V. show “The Really Loud House” He just got nominated for a “Kids Choice Awards” for Best Male Actor in a Kids T.V. show.

On Twitter, @lincolnloudforever states that “they would be the cutesttttt couple everrrr”

Another fan account @loudhousefanclub states “My friend was an extra (on the bus scene with Charlie and Lincoln) on The Really Loud House and said there was so much chemistry on and off screen”

What do you guys think? Is Charlie Uggo and Lincoln Loud dating in real life?