Black Americans offered $250,000 to move to Liberia

As a demographic test, 500 homes have been built in Liberia for Black families of up to 6 members. Each family will be offered $250,000 to move to Liberia at which point they will receive one of these homes at a low rate of rent along with job opportunities sufficient to “support a modern family.”

“Liberia is ready to receive American Blacks who feel subject to racism,” stated Omura Obgobodbuduru Taniquia, leader of Liberia’s repatriation movement. “We are concerned that American Blacks behave in an abnormally violent manner and commit more crime, especially theft,” offered Taniquia. “This may largely be why Americans want to rid themselves of the group they persist in referring to as ‘niggers.”

Liberia is also preparing for a general scent of marijuana which will likely follow with the increase in American Blacks living in the African nation.