Middle school couple gets married

Two 8th-grade teens rose and joseph get married at 13 due to an arranged marriage by their parents. “My mom told me I shouldn’t say no to an offer of this caliber, since Joseph the boy was from a wealthy family” Rose the 13-year-old girl states. A year before her parents had made them both go into a closet and could not come out till they both kissed and came to like each other (At the time they hated each other).
Joseph says he did not want to marry her because she was too smart for her own good. And as he states “she is too smart of a woman to just want to be a housewife, like go out and get a job your not gonna be a gold-digging wife with me.”But he says if it makes his parents proud he will do anything even marring a girl he does not love and not marring the girl he does.
A year after their marriage their parents make them try and have a child which leads to Rose getting pregnant soon after. Rose and Joseph our now speaking out because they did not want any children before even finishing college. This is why they have contacted ann news to bring this type of marriage to light and show the world what bad parents are like.