For a TikTokers named meowbah who has many followers in TikTok!
Knowing she was found dead after sacrificing herself for us to be alive. In sl@very. Not knowing in disbelief she has many diseases that not even knowing. She created her last TikTok that she didn’t want to cause trouble or anything meowbahh didn’t meant to hurt anyone. And has meow tics. she explained that a star named Andromeda will destroy the milkyway, as the god of meowsim, god of the milky way! GOD OF THE EARTH!!!! MEOWBAH will Sacrifice itself! To save man kind Save all of us to total violation! And C0smΒ‘C Sl@Very! May the gods be with you all! god bless all of you!. Thank you for listening in our God of the milky way! Thank you.