Dad Laughs Himself to Death After Making Dad Joke

A Florida man, 69, father of two children, made a so-called ‘dad joke’ Saturday and it resulted in him laughing at his own joke to the point where he died. The joke was ‘What did one wall say to the other?
I’ll meet you at the corner.’ As the news has reached the entire state of Florida, the joke is starting to become synonymous with this incident and thus, a bad joke has been turned into a taboo subject. The person, named Juan Joaquin Juarez, was having a chat with his family at the dinner table, and decided to say the joke. After everyone didn’t laugh, he unintentionally started laughing at his own joke for two minutes straight without stopping. After taking a giant breath, he lost consciousness after asphyxiating, collapsed and fell from his chair. Juarez was rushed to the hospital to regain consciousness, but he never did and went into a coma for several hours. Later, a nystagmus test was conducted, and it was confirmed by the doctors that he was whole-brain dead, which included brainstem death. His funeral and burial ceremony is scheduled for Wednesday.