Tarpon Spring High School Declares itself a Greek Embassy, Here’s what You Need to Know.

APRIL 27, 2022- The Leader of the Senior Student Government’s latest meeting has announced that Tarpon Springs High School is Officially a Greek Embassy, voted by a 33 – 1 surprising vote. As a result of this, all students will be officially marked as Greek Diplomats, and will absorb a portion of Greece’s major debt.
Furthermore, anyone who is not of Greek Decent within 5 generations will be expelled from school and permanently deemed a “Traitor” to Greece, and hastily removed and dumped into Lake Tarpon.

“We’ve won” said the Senior SGA leader, celebrating his win this Wednesday night with an exquisite Greek Party.
“We’ll become official Greek Territory by the End of the School Year” said the Brian Jones, the schools principle, excited by this decision.