Shane Dawson Recently Reveals spouse’s sister (MORGAN ADAMS) is pregnant and is their surrogate

Popular YouTuber, Shane Lee Yaw (Shane Dawson) most recently known for being canceled and his comeback series on YouTube after a long break for two years. Has just announced the pregnancy of his sister-in-law (Morgan Adams) who is to be the surrogate for him and his husband (Ryland Adams).
The tweet states:
“Wow…I cannot believe it. After more than 3 years of knowing this amazing man I get to call him my husband. Even more so he gets to be the father of our child. I’ve been so lost for two years thinking that I would probably never get the chance to have happiness of uploading to YouTube again. Moving to Colorado with Ryland’s family has been such a blessing. I now get to start my own family thanks to this amazing woman, Morgan Adams. She is one of the strongest most independent most courteous and courageous woman I know to this day. I am so thankful to have her in my life and for her to be kind enough to give me and Ryland the gift and chance to fatherhood. Love you Morgan. ❤️❤️❤️“