With renewed determination,

And I am pleased to announce that I, Mr. Jenks, have been appointed as the new Chief Inspector of the school. I will work closely with Mr. Postlewaite to ensure that our school continues to thrive and provide the best education for all our students.”

Jody and her granny exchanged hopeful glances. With Mr. Postlewaite as the new headmaster and Mr. Jenks as the Chief Inspector, they felt confident that the school was in good hands.

Jody whispered to Granny, “It seems like everything is falling into place. We must stay focused on our journey and continue to seek the Tree of Wisdom.”

Granny nodded in agreement. “Yes, Jody. With the support of our new headmaster and Chief Inspector, we will find the answers we need and honor Mr. Potter’s memory. the next day mr potter had arrived in his nightie said he was in hospital but his fine now