…with a kind smile, “Granny, come home with m

…with a kind smile, “Granny, come home with me. You need some rest after all the excitement.”

Granny looked at Jody, who nodded in agreement. “Yes, Granny. You should get some rest. I’ll be fine and continue our journey.”

Granny hugged Jody tightly. “Alright, my dear. I’ll rest for a while, but remember, I’m always with you in spirit. Stay strong and keep going.”

Jody watched as Granny left with the taxi driver, feeling a mix of emotions. She knew that their journey was far from over, and she was determined to continue seeking the Tree of Wisdom and uncovering the secrets it held. With renewed determination, Jody set off on her next adventure, ready to face whatever challenges lay ahead. mr postlewaite said he is now head of the school for he was recovering for mr potter anyway