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ok, “A prison cell? That is a dangerous place, Jody. But if you believe it is necessary for your journey, you must be cautious. The prison is guarded by fierce creatures and powerful spells. You will need all your wits and bravery to navigate through it.”

Jody nodded, her resolve unwavering. “I understand, Mr. Postlewaite. I will be careful.” the jailer said to Jody and granny with a prisoners uniformresourcefulness like never before.

“Thank you, Jailer,” Jody said, her voice steady. “We will be careful and stay together.”

With their new disguises, Jody and her granny prepared to enter the prison, ready to face the challenges that awaited them. They knew that their determination and unity would be their greatest strengths in this per Jody was so angry that she was in prison and said to granny angerily