hallenges lay ahead.

Mr. Postlewaite, a wise old man with twinkling eyes, began to speak. “Jody, your journey is filled with wonders and dangers alike. The key to your success lies in the enchanted forest, where the ancient Tree of Wisdom stands. You must find the tree and seek its guidance. But beware, for the path is guarded by mystical creatures and tricky puzzles.”

Jody’s eyes sparkled with determination. “We can do this, Granny,” she said, gripping her granny’s hand tightly.

Granny nodded, her face filled with pride. “Together, we will overcome any obstacle.”

With a newfound sense of purpose, Jody and her granny set off towards the enchanted forest, ready to embrace the magic jody said to mr postlewaite she had to go to a prison cell ,mr postlewaite said