d everyone felt a sense of joy and satisfaction. The day had been truly special, and Jody knew that with her curiosity and determination, she was ready fo

Mr. Potter said, “I have a zoo gold cup,” as he radioed the coach driver. The coach driver answered happily as he was about to drive away back to the depot.

Jody felt a sense of pride and accomplishment. The day had been filled with extraordinary experiences, and she was grateful for the magical moments and the wonderful people around her. With her curiosity and determination, she knew that many more adventures awaited her in the future, and she was ready to embrace the day.

Just then, the coach driver said to Mr. Potter, “Where’s my gold cup?”

Mr. Potter had forgotten all about that, but then he remembered and said at last, “Oh, I almost forgot! Here it is.” He handed the gold cup to the coach driver with a smile.

The coach driver accepted the gold cup gratefully, he said he was going to be lollypop man at the crossing as his reward only at school times with another man taking his place as school coach driver in his place