“Then I shall face this challenge

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The Scarecrow tilted his head, the straw in his hat rustling softly. “Ah, Roger,” he said, “the brain I seek is not something one simply finds. It’s earned through courage, compassion, and wisdom. The Wicked Witch’s reign has long cast a shadow over Oz, and in facing her, one finds their true intellect.”

Roger listened intently, his resolve hardening. “Then I shall face this challenge,” he declared. “For in the melting of the witch, not only will your wish be granted, but the land will be freed from her icy grip.”

With a nod from the Scarecrow, Roger set off on his quest, each step on the yellow brick road a testament to his bravery. And though the path was fraught with enchantments and trials, Roger’s spirit never wavered, for he knew that the true measure of a brain was not in having it, but in the journey to attain it. the soldier with the green whiskers said seeing scarecrow and said he should be with the guardian of the gates in the emerlold city