The taxi pulled away from the cur

, of Santa and school uniforms.

The driver, understanding the unspoken urgency in her voice, handed Jody her coat. It was more than just fabric; it was a reminder of the night’s adventures, a tangible piece of the magic that had unfolded.

As Jody wrapped the coat around her shoulders, she felt the weight of reality settle back upon her. The taxi awaited, ready to whisk her away from the theatre of dreams to the comfort of home—or perhaps, to new adventures yet to come.

“Thank you,” she said, her voice a soft echo of the wonder that still lingered in her heart. “Let’s head home.”

The taxi pulled away from the curb, its headlights cutting through the twilight, and Jody settled back into the seat. She the taxi driver said to Jody’s dad that Jody had enjoyed the show dad said happily