The Soldier with the Green Whiskers

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The Soldier with the Green Whiskers, a figure of respect and authority in Oz, observed Roger and the Scarecrow together. “Halt!” he called out, his voice echoing across the fields. “Scarecrow, as the first companion of Dorothy and a friend of the Wizard, you ought to be with the Guardian of the Gates. It is there that your wisdom serves best in guiding those who enter the Emerald City.”

Roger looked at the Scarecrow, whose painted face was thoughtful. “He’s right,” the Scarecrow said. “The Emerald City is where I can make the most difference. But fear not, for you have shown great courage and heart on this journey. The Guardian will welcome you, and perhaps, in the city’s grandeur, you’ll find what you seek.”

Together, they set off towards the gleaming spires of the Emerald City, the yellow brick road beneath their feet shimmering with the promise of new adventures and the wisdom that comes from seeking and learning