The festivities began

From his secluded chamber, the Wizard of Oz, once a man of grand illusions, now humbled by the truth, spoke with a voice that carried the weight of wisdom. “My dear citizens of Oz,” he began, his words floating out from behind the curtain, “today marks a new chapter in our storied land.”

The music quieted, and all eyes turned to the curtain, behind which the Wizard stood unseen. “We have learned that true magic lies not in the grandeur of our powers, but in the simple acts of kindness, the bonds of friendship, and the courage to face our fears.”

Dorothy, Toto at her side, listened intently, her journey having taught her the value of these very lessons. The Wizard continued, “Let us move forward with open hearts, embracing the diversity of our land, from the smallest Munchkin to the tallest Quadling, from the bravest Lion to the kindest Scarecrow.”

The crowd erupted in applause, their spirits lifted by the Wizard’s words. “And let us never forget,” he added, “that every one of us has the power to be a force for good, to make a difference in the lives of others, and to find the home within ourselves, wherever our journey may lead.”

As the Wizard’s speech concluded, Glinda, with a wave of her wand, drew back the curtain, revealing the man behind the myth. There he stood, not a mighty sorcer but a wizard thar had once been roger under a spell but he didn’t tell Dorothy that all he said was about the tin man’s heart