The Emerald City burst into cheers,

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As the green sunglasses left Dorothy’s grasp, they shimmered and transformed before the awestruck eyes of the Ozians. In a whirlwind of magic and light, the glasses morphed into Glinda, the Good Witch of the North. Her radiant presence filled the air with warmth and the scent of sweet blossoms.

“Surprise, my dear friends,” Glinda’s voice chimed like a crystal bell. “The journey you’ve embarked upon has been a testament to your courage, compassion, and wisdom. The glasses were but a tool to guide you to this revelation.”

Dorothy, her eyes wide with wonder, stepped forward. “Glinda! It was you all along? But why?”

Glinda smiled, her eyes twinkling with mirth. “To teach you all a lesson. That sometimes, the things we believe we need to see the world more clearly are the very things that cloud our vision. You’ve learned to look beyond illusions and see the truth that lies within your hearts.”

The Emerald City burst into cheers, the air filled with the joyous laughter of its people. The Munchkins danced, the Quadlings celebrated, and even the Tinkers clapped their metallic hands in delight.

“And now,” Glinda continued, “with the true colors of Oz revealed, let us celebrate the unity and love that binds us all. For in Oz, as in life, the greatest magic is found not in spectacle, but in the simple acts of kindness we share.”

The festivities began, with music and merriment echoing through the land. Dorothy and her friends joined in, their hearts light and free. For they knew that no matter where their paths might lead, the spirit of Oz would always be with them—guiding, nurturing, and reminding them of the place where just then the wizard of oz said from his room behind the curtain