Roger’s Birthday Reflections

Jim the genie, with a twinkle in his eye, replied, “Your wish is my command, Roger. But remember, the Land of Oz is a place of wonder and challenges. The Scarecrow you seek is wise, his journey through Oz a testament to the power of brains over brawn. Are you ready to embark on this adventure?”

Roger’s heart raced with excitement. “Yes, I am ready,” he declared.

In a puff of magical smoke, Roger was whisked away to the vibrant fields of Oz. The golden path lay before him, winding through the emerald landscapes. And there, amidst the rustling corn, stood the Scarecrow, his smile as wide as the horizon.

“Welcome, Roger,” the Scarecrow greeted. “In Oz, you’ll find that every step is a lesson, every encounter a mirror of your own heart.

Roger thought for a moment, the possibilities of magic at his fingertips. roger said to the scarecrow why he had no brain scarecrow said to get it he must melt the witch