Roger here in Oz.”

With a gentle rub of her ruby slippers, Dorothy summoned Jim the genie, a mystical being of Oz who granted wishes with a twist of his cosmic tail. “Three wishes I grant thee,” Jim’s voice boomed, echoing through the enchanted land.

Dorothy, with a heart full of hope, spoke her first wish. “I wish the Guardian of the Gates knew a boy called Roger here in Oz.”

Jim the genie swirled in a vortex of magical energy, and with a snap of his fingers, the wish was cast. “Granted,” he declared. “The Guardian now holds memories of young Roger, a lad of courage and kindness, known for his adventures across the Munchkin Country.”

The Guardian of the Gates, a figure of eminence in the Emerald City, suddenly felt a warm familiarity in his heart. He remembered Roger, a boy with a spirit as bright as the stars, who once helped him untangle the melody of the silver bells that adorned the grand entrance to the city. Dorothy said to Guardian of the Gates who’s roger he said