Roger and the Scarecrow’s Journe

As the Emerald City’s gates came into view,
Roger felt a stir of excitement, fresh and new.
The Scarecrow, wise and ever so kind,
Spoke of futures unwritten, yet to be defined.

“Roger, my friend,” said the Scarecrow with a smile,
“In this city of dreams, stay for a while.
Seek out the Guardian, wise and grand,
For in his presence, all truths withstand.”

With a nod and a wave, they went their separate ways,
The Scarecrow to advise, Roger to amaze.
For in the heart of the city, magic resides,
And with each step, Roger’s hope abides.

In the Emerald City, where wonders never cease,
Roger found his calling, his own piece of peace.
And though the road was long, the journey’s end was sweet,
For in the land of Oz, all paths eventually meet then the poem turned back into the story with narration about it