Rachel,” Santa whispered, “do you see it too

the frost-kissed window.

“Rachel,” Santa whispered, “do you see it too?”

Rachel sat up, rubbing her eyes. “See what, Santa?”

“The star,” he said, pointing to the window. “The one that fell from the sky.”

Rachel followed his gaze. There, nestled among the snow-dusted branches, was the same silvery spacecraft that had landed on the cliffs. Its hull shimmered, and strange symbols danced across its surface.

“Goodness me,” Rachel gasped. “Is that—”

“Yes,” Santa interrupted. “It’s Lyra’s ship—the cosmic traveler who answered my wish. She’s come to take me on a starlight voyage.”

Rachel’s eyes and she rubbed her ear and james the genie gave her 5 wishes Rachel said i wish Santa removed his hat and beard to show dad james the genie said