Not ‘today’, Granny

Lily’s eyes sparkled with the mischief of the moment. “Not ‘today’, Granny,” she corrected gently, a playful sternness in her voice. “Say ‘now’, because it’s happening right this instant!”

Granny chuckled, the sound soft and rich with affection. “Now,” she agreed, her voice rising with the weight of the present. “Now we step into the dance of London, where every second pulses with life.”

Lily nodded, satisfied. “And ‘now’,” she declared, “we make memories that will echo through time, just like the decisions made within those walls.”

Granny’s eyes twinkled, reflecting the city lights. “Yes, my dear. Now, let’s join the dance.” And with that, they stepped forward, their hearts beating in time with the city’s rhythm. guess who lily met in london grandpa and Emily her sister who wore dresses every day Emily said to lily about it