Lily’s heart fluttered as she heard the familiar

Lily’s heart fluttered as she heard the familiar voice. “Grandpa!” she exclaimed, her eyes widening in delight. “You’re here too?”

Her grandfather, with his silver hair and twinkling eyes, enveloped her in a warm hug. “Of course, my dear,” he said. “Wouldn’t miss this dance for the world.”

And then Lily saw her sister, Emily, standing by the grand staircase. Emily, who had always been the dreamer—the one who wore dresses every day, even when climbing trees or chasing butterflies. Her eyes sparkled as she twirled in a circle, the layers of her dress billowing like a summer breeze.

“Lily!” Emily called out, her laughter echoing through the marble halls. “Did you know that dresses have magic? They make ordinary days feel like fairy tales.” not the word magic Emily said lily say its a great time in london instead Emily said what her sister reminded her