I’d be delighted to join you

“Oh, that’s wonderful news!” the driver exclaimed, his voice echoing the surprise and delight of the unexpected invitation. “A pantomime is just the thing to keep the magic of today alive. I’m sure Jody and her dad would love to attend ‘Sleeping Beauty’. It’s a classic tale filled with enchantment and joy.”

He paused for a moment, considering the offer. “And as for that cup of tea,” he continued, “I’d be delighted to join you. It’s not every day one gets to share in such a heartwarming story and then be invited to partake in more of the season’s festivities.”

With a smile in his voice, the driver turned the taxi around, heading back to Jody’s home, where warmth, laughter, and the promise of more adventures awaited. The driver said to dad about putting his coat on for the show with Jody by his side