“I wish the constable had no name

“I wish the constable had no name, known only as ‘policeman’, to avoid any confusion with someone else,” Dog stated, his voice carrying the weight of his request.

Willie the giant, understanding the purity of Dog’s intent, nodded his head. “Your wish is granted,” he said, his voice deep and resonant like the ocean itself.

From that moment on, the constable was known simply as ‘Policeman’. He became a symbol of everyman, every constable, every guardian of the peace. His stories and wisdom were not his alone but belonged to all who served. And in this way, Dog found comfort in the knowledge that Policeman was every protector, every guide, and every watchful eye on the beach.

As Dog continued his journey, he carried with him the wisdom of the stars, the secrets of the waves, and the silent strength of Policeman, the nameless guardian of the sandy short dog said i wish that policeman was named the policeman willie the giant said