“I see you’ve found my map.”

way by the gentle breeze.

As the meal progressed, the dog’s eyes sparkled with gratitude. He nudged Billy affectionately, then reached into his pocket. From within, he pulled out a delicate seashell—a gift for his newfound friend. “Keep this,” the dog said, “a reminder of our seaside feast.”

But just as the dog finished speaking, a shimmering figure materialized—a dog genie! His fur glowed like moonlight, and his eyes held ancient wisdom. “Ah,” he said, “I see you’ve found my map.”

Billy’s eyes widened. “Your map?”

“Yes,” the dog genie replied. “The very one that led you to the spoon and fork. But there’s more to it. You see, it’s not just any treasure map its nothing else said the dog as he rubbed his paw and james the genie said about three wishes