hen, he tugged at his beard, a

Santa took a deep breath, and with a flourish, he removed his hat. His silver hair sparkled like moonlight, and his eyes held the wisdom of ages. Then, he tugged at his beard, and it came away, revealing a face that wasn’t just merry—it was ancient and timeless.

Rachel’s father gasped, dropping his book. “Santa?”

“Yes,” Santa said, his voice gentle. “But not just Santa. I am Nicholas—the wanderer of starlight, the keeper of wishes, and the guardian of dreams.”

Rachel’s father blinked. “But why? Why disguise yourself as Santa?”

Nicholas smiled. “Because belief is a powerful magic, my friend. When children look into my eyes and see wonder, when they leave cookies and milk by the fireplace, they weave a tapestry of hope. And in that hope, the universe dances.” and mr majeika turned Santa into Jody then mr majeika vanished Jody said that she was Santa herself