From that moment forward,

cknowledged Dog’s wish with a gentle nod. “Your wish is granted,” he boomed.

From that moment forward, the constable was not just ‘Policeman’ but ‘The Policeman’, a title that resonated with authority and anonymity. He stood as a beacon of safety, a keeper of peace on the sandy shores. His stories, rich with the wisdom of the tides, became legends whispered by the sea breeze.

Dog, with a heart full of starlight and paws dusted with sand, continued his journey. He carried the silent strength of The Policeman with him—a reminder that some guardians need no name to be known, their presence felt in the safety they provide and the peace they uphold.

And so, Dog wandered, a solitary figure against the vast canvas of the beach, his spirit guided by the constellations above and the steady pulse of the ocean—a timeless dance between the earth and the sky. and the policeman went back to the beach to the station there saying