Emily stopped her dance,

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Lily’s gaze followed Emily’s twirling figure, her sister’s dress a whirl of colors against the grandeur of the staircase. “Not ‘magic’, Emily,” Lily corrected with a gentle laugh. “You always say it’s a great time in London that makes the day special.”

Emily stopped her dance, her smile as bright as the chandeliers above. “That’s right, Lily,” she agreed. “It’s the spirit of London that turns our days into adventures. The city has a way of transforming the mundane into something extraordinary.”

Lily nodded, her eyes reflecting the grandeur around them. “And it’s not just the dresses or the places,” she added. “It’s the people we’re with and the moments we share that create the true enchantment.”

Emily reached out, taking Lily’s hand. “Exactly! And now, with you, Emily said stroking her hand as she held it