Billy, still clutching the spoon and fork

named James, nodded solemnly. “Indeed, it is my map, and it has led you to more than mere cutlery. It has opened the door to wonders untold,” he said, his voice echoing like a gentle wave.

Billy, still clutching the spoon and fork, felt a surge of excitement. “Three wishes?” he asked, his voice barely above a whisper.

James the genie wagged his tail, a rare sight for a genie. “Yes, three wishes are yours to command. But be mindful, for each wish comes with its own journey and its own story.”

Billy thought hard. What could he wish for that would bring joy not just to him, but to others as well? He looked at the dog, who had been a kind friend, and then at the spoon and fork, now symbols of their shared adventure.

“I wish,” Billy started, his heart full of hope, “for a world where every beach has a treasure map, so that everyone can experience the joy of discovery and adventure.”

James the genie’s eyes twinkled. “Your first wish is granted,” he said, and with a flick of his tail, maps began to appear on beaches all around the world, waiting to be found by eager adventurers.
the dog was just about to make a another wish when mr potter drove up in the school minibus