As Dorothy and her friend

he Soldier with the Green Whiskers, a figure as iconic as the gates he guarded, took a moment to ponder Dorothy’s question. His whiskers twitched with the wisdom of Oz’s many wonders. “Ah, Miss Dorothy,” he began, his voice as warm as the golden sun, “these green glasses, once a veil over our eyes, can now serve a new purpose.”

He leaned closer, his green whiskers almost brushing against the brim of Dorothy’s hat. “Transform them into a symbol of change. Let them be a reminder that what we see isn’t always what is true, and that looking with the heart reveals the world’s true hues.”

Dorothy’s eyes sparkled with inspiration. She gathered the green glasses and, with a touch of Oz’s magic, she crafted a beautiful mosaic. Each piece told a story—a story of a journey, a battle fought, a lesson learned. The mosaic shone with a light that reflected not just the Emerald City, but the entire Land of Oz, in all its vibrant colors.

And so, the green glasses found a new life, adorning the walls of the Emerald City, a testament to the enduring power of seeing beyond appearances. They became a beacon of hope, a mirror of the soul, and a portrait of the land’s rich tapestry.

As Dorothy and her friends admired the mosaic, the Soldier with the Green Whiskers nodded in approval. “Well done, Miss Dorothy. You’ve turned a simple object into a legacy of wisdom. May it guide all who gaze upon it to look deeper and see with kindness and love.”

And with that, the true colors of Oz were revealed—not just in sight, but in spirit, as the land and its inhabitants embraced the beauty of clarity and truth. Dorothy took of the green sunglasses and they turned in Glinda with good witch of the north it was her all along