anta’s Starlight Voyage

Every night, Santa would climb to the highest point of the cliffs, where the salty wind tangled his beard and the stars whispered their ancient secrets. There, he’d close his eyes and make his wish. It wasn’t for toys or sweets; it was for something far more magical. Santa wished to see the world beyond the horizon, to sail among the constellations, and to unravel the mysteries of the universe.

One chilly evening, as the waves crashed against the rocks below, Santa made his wish once more. But this time, something extraordinary happened. The brightest star in the sky began to tremble. It quivered like a leaf caught in a storm, and then—it fell. Not far from Santa, it landed, glowing brightly, illuminating the pebbles and seaweed.

“Goodness me,” Santa then he turned in to Rachel who said blinking as she woke up on christmas eve