. Alone on the beach,

As the minibus pulled away, Billy waved goodbye to Mr. Potter. The dog watched, puzzled, as the vehicle disappeared down the winding road. Alone on the beach, he tilted his head, wondering about wishes, maps, and the boy who had flown into his life.

He sat there, a modern-day Robinson Crusoe, pondering the vastness of the world and the magic that lingered in the air. The waves whispered secrets, and the stars blinked knowingly. Perhaps, just perhaps, there were more adventures waitingโ€”more wishes to uncover, more stories to tell.

And so, as night settled over the beach, the dog curled up in the sand, spoon and fork by his side. The moon watched over him, a silent companion. Dreams danced in the dogโ€™s mindโ€”a symphony of treasure hunts, sunsets, and the boy who believed in the impossible. was gone to school without him the dog about about a menu he found