uncle henry said to Dorothy

“Ah, to be Uncle Henry from Oz, you wish?” Jim the Genie said, his voice echoing with the power of old magic. “A man of simplicity and heart, connected to the land of dreams and emerald cities. Your wish is granted!”

With another swirl of smoke and a flash of light, Spot found himself changing once more. This time, he took on the form of Uncle Henry, the sturdy, kind-hearted farmer from the beloved tale of Oz. He looked down at his hands, no longer paws but strong, human hands, ready to work the land and care for his family.

As Uncle Henry, he had a new role, a new purpose, and a new adventure ahead in the magical land of Oz. With a twinkle in his eye and a newfound resolve, he set out to explore this chapter of his life, knowing that he still had one last wish to make his journey complete. uncle henry said to Dorothy after that forgetting he was spot