the story hadn’t even started yet

spot heard a sound of a tractor it was his dad driving it spot said listening
Spot, the adventurous pup, had never felt such a chill. The pond’s icy embrace was a shock even to his fluffy coat. As he clambered out, shaking off droplets that turned to mist in the cold air, he let out a mighty sneeze. “Achoo!” It echoed, bouncing off the trees and startling a nearby duck.

The duck, ruffled and bewildered, waddled over with a frown. “What you want?” it quacked, eyeing Spot with a mix of curiosity and annoyance.

Spot, still shivering, managed a sheepish grin. “Just a quick swim,” he replied. “Didn’t expect it to be so… invigorating.”

“In this weather? You’re barking mad!” the duck scoffed, flapping its wings. “If you’re looking for warmth, you won’t find it here.”

Spot’s teeth chattered as he licked his fur dry. “Got any ideas then?” he asked, hopeful.

The duck pondered for a moment, then nodded towards the distant farmhouse. “Follow me,” it said. “There’s a cozy spot by the farmer’s hearth. But you owe me a game of fetch fo rSpot, distracted by his shivering, barely heard the duck’s suggestion. His mind was on the baby animals he was supposed to fin Just as he was about to respond, Sam, his dad, came bounding up, his face a mix of concern and frustration.

“Spot! What are you doing in the pond? You know better than to go in there when it’s this cold,” Sam scolded, his voice stern but relieved to find his son.

Spot hung his head, feeling a bit foolish. “I was looking for the baby animals, Dad. I thought maybe they’d be here,” he explained, his voice small.

Sam’s expression softened. “Come on, let’s get you dried off and warmed up. The baby animals are safe and sound; they’re waiting for us back at the barn,” he said, leading Spot away from the pond. spot then heard a tractor spot had been dreaming about being the pond the story hadn’t even started yet