spot gioes to the farm

In the book, Sam drives a tractor. In the episode, only Spot is on the tractor.
In the book the cow’s name is Daisy and the horse’s name is Holly. In the episode, the cow doesn’t have a name and there is no horse.
In the book, when Spot sees a rabbit tweeting in the bush and tries to search for chicks, Sam follows him. In the episode, he doesn’t.
In the episode, when Spot is searching for lambs, Sam opens the gate and tells Spot to hurry up. In the book, he asks him what’s taking him so long.
When Spot is in the pond looking for ducklings, Sam looks over a fence and angrily tells Spot to get out of the pond in the book. In the cassette tape the the water makes spot sneeze and Spot Comes out of the pond he lickes himself dry. In the episode, the duck has a rude personality and tells Spot that there are no ducklings and tells him to get out of the pond and says “Ducklings indeed. Whatever next?”
When an angry goose behind a barrel of apples sends Sam and Spot running, Sam tells Spot to quickly follow him in the book. In the episode, Spot warns Sam not to go behind the barrel and the goose scares Sam away and then sends Spot running.