Close your hen houses, lock your windows, the chick nightmare is on the loose. Stella Rose Cooper is a 5th grader who has done something horrible. Her class was at there kindergarten pod looking at baby chicks. A chick named Muffins was handed to her because she wanted to hold one, she had held it for a short amount of time and then … The chick started to poop on her, so she threw the chick and pooped more than expected and it used up all it`s poop for the next month. Then a few minutes later safe in another classmates hand Muffins was brought near Stella and Muffins was up and ready to run in seconds. No other Information has been turned in about this dangerous criminal. there is a 25 million bounty on her to be turned in. Any information would be vital to her capture. Be on the lookout lovely folks of Pennsylvania, there is a terror on the loose named the chick nightmare also known as Stella Rose Cooper.