Interesting Facts/Stories of NoxHS ————————– Greatest notorious man alive

A YouTuber known as NoxHS aka Son-Nox goes to Thailand to visit thelady boys he bought for slavery but however he gets stuck there because of a new virus that prevents people from traveling similar to COVID-19.
The local people there have a grudge against him, since he is considered as a tourist and gets beaten in a street fight.
This causes him to start training in Jujutsu and 3 months later after he trained and walking a man tries to fight him but the man fails. So the local people are scared of NoxHS’s power.
This causes racism and chaos to go down in the city but however one of the lady boy of Son Nox escapes the basement and arrives in amidst the chaos and does a very powerful speech.
This story tells us to go around and beat some kids and sh- like that man its just fun to do one time NoxHS was in the white house and we was so drunk, his pant slipped and ACCIDENTALLY(not exaggerated ya dumb turds) his egg plant went inside our favorite black butt man, Obama Bin Barrack. Man this NoxHS is crazyy he even participated in WW2 and was a good friend of Adolf guy he was his classmate he would twerk for adolf in a form of happiness when they would kill a jew lets suppose they killed 25 jews every 30 minutes so this guy would twerk for a hour or something like that but he would not get tired this guy is very masculine he has too much dopamine levels in his brain, in extreme cases men can be violent, aggressive and be violent towards women.

So he fights the Nazis there but he would soon be trapped in a bunker with a family and 2 boy and his wife on one side and a girl and a boy on the other, there is more Nazi there and a Captain and a Sergeant and also 3 Captains there along with 5 sergeants in case you were wondering how I was gonna write it all down.

One of the Captains says look we need a sniper

and thats when Nox HS pulls out a paintball gun. I wouldve known it right away what it was but I thought he pulled out a rifle, it turns out that it is a paintball gun. People get blinded and people get deformed to those colors.

I would not have put the sun in there on purpose I actually thought he put the sun in there but no he didnt and i feel sorry for that sun it didnt deserve that, after that he said a confederate flag symbol and also a side note, his pants from birth to now would just slip so often and his egg plant would be in someone mostly it would be someone that he dont like so he would be working 24/7 to get that motherf- cker out of there.

And after that you read the next excerpt of the book, NoxHS has a bottle of champagne and he decides to go to a beach with a pretty women to get laid, he knows he cant wear a suncream so he takes a fishing pole and puts it to his shoulder and starts fishing with the fishing pole. I wonder if that would work if he wore a fisherman’s hat, don’t ask me I’m not a fisherman I’m just saying he would use a fishing pole then he would say its no good.

The pretty lady tells him that she is allergic to sun so he drops her in the ocean he swims to a remote beach and goes to sleep and in the morning he is there. And after this NoxHS asked the girl how she found the beach she told him, she was told that it was full of beautiful women and kids and in the morning its only women and kids you know. So NoxHS then has a brief interlude where he said f-ck going to the beach let me have some fun. Then he moves on to say that his job is to go and clean the road.

The ladyboy is calling him an a$$hole in this part of the book.

And now for the excerpt I would have expected to be the most shocking for you. After cleaning the road NoxHS notices a man and says how is his van doing you know the man with the van. The man says it’s not doing good it doesnt look good.

The man then tells NoxHS to go look at his camper. He does, and it has a badly damaged hood and breaks the engine.

So NoxHS says well its not doing good the van and goes back to cleaning the road.

I would have expected this to be more shocking but its just like a wild goose chase for the NoxHS that you would expect after this excerpt.

He goes back to the man and asks him the name of the man that said the truck needed to be fixed and the man then says it’s Adam Tarentino he’s a douche bag and NoxHS decided to go have some s-x with him anyway he is very tasty and s-xy with a big d-ck and he is very very sensitive and soft.

I wonder if this is what NoxHS was thinking after reading this excerpt. After that NoxHS was so popular for his pant slipping he was known as the ‘Pant Man’ then on purpose he would go out and meet with celebrities and his pants would slip and be inside them and he would just try to keep his mouth shut and act cute.

And then he met a soap star and she fell for him he was ok as long as he could get laid.

After some time he then meets this other actress with big b00bs. The actress was reluctant to go out with him, he was trying to get her number and she was refusing to give it to him he then thought of asking a waitress from the diner for a number, she gave him her number.

NoxHS said is this ok to do I got this other actress with big b00bs and the actress said f-ck yeah you do I have an evil twin sister I think she was into cock for some reason.

After the other actress gets a venereal disease from this other actress, NoxHS then goes to see this special effects guy and the special effects guy tells NoxHS to get into his van he wants to show him something. So NoxHS does. The special effects guy then starts throwing liquid at NoxHS and punching him and then hits him with a hammer and shatters NoxHS’s pelvis and then draws some blood out of him. But NoxHS’s dopamine levels was so high his pants does the max power of slipping and goes inside the guy and makes him pregnant for 12 months.

After the guys daughter is born NoxHS hits him over the head with a bucket and makes a dummy of the guy.

And the special effects guy said you need more money.

NoxHS then looks around and saw this tv station going for a walk on the beach, so he tells the tv station to interview the special effects guy for free. They did.

So he went back to the special effects guy and now NoxHS was the television station and all of their programming was about NoxHS.

NoxHS spent all his time meeting celebrities he would meet celebrities from movies he would meet celebrities he had sex with and got more chicks and got high he was this elitist pr- er he was.

And then one day he meets J. Lo, and he was like wow I have a crack in my knee and his butt and he shows off by bending it as he walks to show his celebrity.

She was like oh and by the way I love getting fucked in the ass

And so now we see this funny side of J. Lo that we don’t see in her acting.

After this NoxHS was happy to meet J. Lo but gets distracted because he notices the special effects guy attended the show as a spectator so he does a sigma move on her and jumps right at the special effects guy and this time makes him pregnant for 23 months twice in a row. Happy ending!

According to Twitter, this guy is the father of most men than Genghis Khan who has the ability to get pregnant but they are hidden plain in sight and is part of the NoxHS cult.

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