Disney is buying Godzilla

Recently, Disney teamed up with Toho for Toho’s famous ‘Godzilla’. The two teams agreed that Disney is soon going to buy Godzilla and will own the rights to Godzilla. This fresh news is sure bring any Disney and Godzilla fan flying off the walls. Disney also announced that the Godzilla movies will be added to Disney Plus soon. The Disney team is hoping to be able to add a Godzilla-themed ride at Disney World or Disney Land as well. There is just one thing that has backtracked Disney in this process. There is a Godzilla ride at Universal Studios, Disney’s rival. It took a lot of convincing and arguing to get Universal to agree with this-although not many Universal fans are happy with this, all the Disney fans are very excited with this news. We can’t wait for an update from Disney about the Godzilla process. Until then, try not to use your atomic breath while waiting for Disney to officially buy Godzilla.