t Lois, the pet rabbit

Lois was a pet rabbit at Brad and Mary’s school. They were looking after it in the holidays. Their dad was a farmer. He had a new tractor. He said to Brad and Mary, “Do you want to see my new tractor? It’s very big and shiny. You can even ride on it with me.”

Brad and Mary were excited. They loved tractors. They said yes and ran to the barn. They saw the new tractor. It was red and had four huge wheels. It looked very powerful. They climbed on the tractor with their dad. He started the engine. It made a loud noise. Brad and Mary felt the tractor vibrate.

Their dad drove the tractor around the farm. He showed them the fields, the animals, and the crops. Brad and Mary enjoyed the view. They saw cows, sheep, pigs, and chickens. They saw corn, wheat, and potatoes. They waved to the other farmers. They felt the wind in their hair.

They forgot about Lois. Lois was still in her cage in the house. She was bored and hungry. She wanted to go outside and play. She wanted to eat some carrots and lettuce. She saw a window. It was open. She saw a tree. It had a branch. The branch was near the window. Lois had an idea. She jumped out of her cage. She hopped to the window. She climbed on the branch. She escaped.

Lois was free. She felt happy. She explored the farm. She saw many things. She saw flowers, bugs, and birds. She saw a pond, a stream, and a bridge. She saw a scarecrow, a haystack, and a fence. She had fun. She ate some grass and clover. She drank some water. She made some friends. She met a mouse, a frog, and a duck. They played together.

Lois did not see the tractor. The tractor did not see Lois. The tractor was coming back to the barn. It was going fast. It was on the same path as Lois. Lois was in danger. She did not know it. She was too busy having fun. Then she was near the wheels dad said come on tractor it did not budge he was cross he shouted