shock for noddy

She showed the badge to Noddy. He recognized it immediately.

“It’s Sly the goblin! He’s the one who stole the cars! He must have taken them when no one was looking and then put them back to make it look like I did it. He’s always trying to cause trouble for me. He’s so mean and sneaky,” Noddy said.

Tessie Bear nodded. She remembered Sly the goblin. He was always up to no good. He liked to play tricks on people and make them unhappy.

“We have to tell the others. They have to know the truth. Come on, Noddy. Let’s go find them,” Tessie Bear said.

She drove Noddy to the town hall, where the toy policeman, Mr. Golly, the wobbly man, and Mr. Jumbo were waiting. They looked angry and impatient.

“There he is! There’s the thief! Grab him!” they shouted.

They ran towards Noddy, but Tessie Bear stopped them.

“Wait! Stop! You’ve got it all wrong. Noddy didn’t steal the cars. Sly the goblin did. Look, we have proof,” Tessie Bear said.

She showed them the badge. They looked at it and realized their mistake.

“Oh, Noddy. We’re so sorry. We should have known it wasn’t you. You’re such a good and honest toy. We were fooled by Sly the goblin. He’s the real culprit. We have to catch him and make him pay,” they said.

They apologized to Noddy and hugged him. They thanked Tessie Bear for helping him. They decided to go after Sly the goblin and teach him a lesson.

They got in their cars and drove to the goblin’s cave. They found him there, laughing and counting his money. He had stolen the cars and sold them to a scrap dealer. He was very surprised to see them.

“Uh-oh. It’s you. What are you doing here?” Sly the goblin said.

“We’re here to arrest you, Sly. You’re under arrest for stealing the cars and framing Noddy. You’re a very bad goblin. You’re going to jail,” the toy policeman said.

He handcuffed Sly and put him in his car. He drove him to the jail, where he locked him up. He threw away the key.

“Noddy, you’re free. You’re innocent. We’re sorry for doubting you. You’re our friend. We’re glad you’re okay,” the toy policeman said.

Noddy smiled and thanked him. He was happy to be free. He was happy to have his friends. He was happy to have Tessie Bear.

He hugged her and said, “Thank you, Tessie Bear. You’re the best. You saved me. You’re my hero.”

Tessie Bear blushed and said, “You’re welcome, Noddy. You’re my hero too. You’re brave and smart and kind. You’re my friend.”

They kissed and hugged. They got in Tessie Bear’s car and drove away. They sang a happy song. They lived happily ever after. everyone said rudely