Planet killer Taylor swift

Taylor swift has a large fan base of “Swifties” who are relatively liberal and anti climate change. although
swift alone produces 138 tons of carbon dioxide emissions in three months in 2023, which is more than eight times the amount of carbon dioxide the average American citizen emits per year. proving that she herself is the largest carbon producer in the world at this time. she herself could kill the planet faster than we ever could. “In any case, to ensure she is being held accountable for her environmental impact, Swift must clarify exactly what will be done with these carbon credits” says they add “Additionally, Swift has been questioned by social media users for her marketing tactics. Some say her release of deluxe albums with one or two extra songs that are available for a limited time are a cash grab. These items come at noticeably high prices,” swift refuses to hold herself accountable, even threatening legal action to those who track these emissions. one example of this is jack sweeney. “Sweeney, 21, told The Post that he saw the letter as an attempt to scare him away from sharing public data. The accounts offer only an incomplete sketch of which cities Swift might be in,” says the washington post. these accounts also track the fuel usage (carbon outtake) which is where most of this earth poison is coming from. and all just to go see Travis Kelcy and go back home.