mr majeika and the happy little sixpence

“Well, I’m a magic coin, you see,” said the sixpence. “If you toss me in the air and say what you want, I’ll grant it for you. But be careful, you only have three wishes, and you can’t wish for more wishes. And don’t lose me, or you’ll lose your wishes too.”

Mr Majeika thought for a moment. He decided to give it a try. He tossed the coin in the air and said, “I wish for a nice cup of tea.”

The coin landed in his hand, and a steaming cup of tea appeared on a nearby bench. Mr Majeika smiled and sat down to enjoy his drink.

“That was easy,” he said. “Thank you, happy little sixpence.”

“You’re welcome,” said the coin. “But remember, you only have two more wishes left.”

Mr Majeika finished his tea and continued his walk. He wondered what else he could wish for. He thought about his students, and how they always made fun of his magic tricks. He thought about his headmaster, and how he always scolded him for being late or causing trouble. He thought about his old life as a wizard, and how he missed his friends and his adventures.

He decided to make another wish. He tossed the coin in the air and said, “I wish for a day off from school.”

The coin landed in his hand, and a loud voice boomed from the sky. “Attention, attention,” it said. “This is Mr Potter, the headmaster of St Barty’s Primary School. Due to unforeseen circumstances, the school will be closed for the day. All students and staff are advised to stay at home and enjoy their free time. Thank you for your cooperation.”

Mr Majeika was delighted. He had a whole day to himself, with no worries or responsibilities. He decided to go to the park and have some fun. He took the coin with him, just in case he needed his last wish.

He arrived at the park and saw a lot of people enjoying the sunny weather. He saw children playing on the swings and slides, dogs chasing balls and sticks, and couples having picnics on the grass. He felt a bit lonely, and wished he had someone to share his happiness with.

He looked at the coin and thought of his third wish. He tossed the coin in the air and said, “I wish for a friend.”

The coin landed in his hand, and a familiar voice said, “Hello, Mr Majeika. Fancy seeing you here.”

Mr Majeika turned around and saw Wilhelmina Warlock, his old friend and fellow wizard. She was wearing a purple dress and a pointy hat, and she had a broomstick in her hand.

“Wilhelmina!” exclaimed Mr Majeika. “What are you doing here?”

“I’m here to see you, of course,” said Wilhelmina. “I heard you were in town, and I wanted to catch up with you. How have you been?”

Mr Majeika was overjoyed. He hugged Wilhelmina and told her everything that had happened to him since he left the wizarding world. He told her about his job as a teacher, his students, his headmaster, and his magic wand. He also told her about the happy little sixpence, and how it had granted his wishes.

Wilhelmina listened with interest and amusement. She was glad to see her old friend happy and well. She also had a lot to tell him about her own adventures and escapades. They had a lot in common, and they enjoyed each other’s company.

They decided to spend the day together, having fun and doing magic. They flew on their broomsticks, played with the animals, and made the flowers grow and sing. They also played some pranks on the people in the park, making them laugh and scream. They had a wonderful time, and they felt like they were young again.

They didn’t notice that the coin had fallen out of Mr Majeika’s pocket and rolled away. They didn’t notice that a little boy had picked it up and put it in his piggy bank. They didn’t notice that the coin had a new owner, and a new set of wishes to grant.

They only noticed that they were happy, and that they had each other. mr majeika said i wish Wilhelmina. would turn into mr potter smiling