Lois, the pet rabbit

Dad said, “Come on, tractor, move!” He pushed the pedals and turned the wheel. The tractor did not budge. It was stuck. Dad was cross. He shouted, “What’s wrong with you, tractor? You’re supposed to be new and powerful. Why are you not moving?”

He looked down. He saw something under the tractor. It was white and fluffy. It was Lois. She was scared and hurt. She had been run over by the tractor. She was bleeding. She was barely breathing. She looked at Dad with her big eyes. She made a weak sound.

Dad gasped. He recognized Lois. He knew she was Brad and Mary’s pet rabbit. He felt sorry for her. He said, “Oh, Lois, I’m so sorry. I didn’t see you. You must be in so much pain. I’ll get you some help. Don’t worry.”

He jumped off the tractor. He ran to the house. He grabbed his phone. He called the vet. He said, “Hello, this is John. I need your help. I have an emergency. I accidentally ran over my kids’ pet rabbit with my tractor. She’s badly injured. Can you come to my farm right away?”

The vet said, “Yes, of course. I’ll be there in 10 minutes. Just keep her calm and warm. Don’t move her. I’ll do my best to save her.”

Dad thanked the vet. He ran back to the barn. He saw Lois. She was still under the tractor. She was still alive. She was still looking at him. He felt guilty. He said, “Lois, I’m sorry. The vet is coming. He’ll make you better. Please hang in there. Please don’t die.”

He took off his jacket. He wrapped it around Lois. He stroked her fur. He whispered to her. He tried to comfort her. He waited for the vet. He hoped it was not too late. then the tractor drove normally dad was pleased he said