Jack and the Beanstalk: A Romantic Retelling

That night, Isabella came back to the dungeon. She unlocked the door and let Jack out. She said, “Follow me. I know a secret passage that leads to the beanstalk. We must be quick and quiet. Magog and his friends are having a feast in the hall. They are drunk and sleepy. This is our chance.”

She took Jack by the hand and led him through the castle. They reached the secret passage and entered it. It was dark and narrow. They walked for a long time until they saw a light at the end.

They came out of the passage and saw the beanstalk. Jack said, “We made it. We are free. Come on, let’s go down.” He climbed the beanstalk and helped Isabella up. They slid down the beanstalk and reached the ground.

Jack said, “We are safe. Let’s go to my home. My mother will welcome you. You will be happy there.” Isabella said, “Thank you, Jack. You are my hero. You have saved me from a terrible fate. I will go with you. You are my love. You have won my heart.” They hugged and kissed. They ran to Jack’s home and lived happily ever after.

Magog grew old. Seventy years later, he was now the giant judge. He said kindly to Jack, “You are a good man. I am glad we are friends.” Magog was 120 years old he said to jack