Jack and the Beanstalk

Jack lived with Magog’s grandfather, who had offered him a place in his castle. He said to him, “Thank you for taking me in, sir. You are like a father to me. I have learned so much from you and your stories. You have shown me a whole new world of wonder and magic.” Magog’s grandfather smiled and said, “You are welcome, Jack. You are like a son to me. You have brought joy and hope to my life. You have shown me the beauty and goodness of humanity.” Jack’s mother was happy for her son, who had found his true calling and happiness. She visited him often, and enjoyed the company of the giants. She also had her own cottage in the village, where she lived comfortably and peacefully. She was proud of Jack, who had grown into a brave and kind young man. Jack and his mother never had to worry about hunger or poverty again. They also became friends with the giants, who visited them often. Jack kept the magic harp as a souvenir of his adventure. He played it every night before he went to bed, and it sang him sweet lullabies. Magog asked his grandfather when he was a boy he said Jack lived happily ever after.