Jack and the Beanstalk

Jack was astonished by the giants’ change of heart. He looked at his mother, who nodded with a smile. Jack said, “We forgive you, Agog and your sons. We are glad that you have seen the error of your ways. We welcome your friendship and your generosity. Thank you for offering to help us and our fellow humans.” Magog’s grandfather, who had been watching from a distance, was relieved that the conflict was over. He said, “Well done, Jack. You have shown great courage and kindness. You have also taught us a valuable lesson: that we should not judge others by their size or appearance, but by their actions and character. You have earned our respect and gratitude.” Jack said, “Thank you, sir. I appreciate your words. I hope we can all live in peace and harmony from now on.” The giants and the humans cheered and hugged each other. They began to work together to restore the land and share the riches. Jack and his mother never had to worry about hunger or poverty again. They also became friends with the giants, who visited them often. Jack kept the magic harp as a souvenir of his adventure. He played it every night before he went to bed, and it sang him sweet lullabies. Jack lived with Magog’s grandfather he said to him